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Short Stories & Flash Fiction from a London Based Writer/ Film Maker

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Killing With Kindness


At ease…

              I want to tell you gentlemen a story. Two weeks ago I had the great privilege of seeing our boys in action down in that great hell hole called Huế, Stepping right off a whirlybird and into the blistering heat of an active fire fight. Glorious. Some lieutenant screamed at me over that all embracing sound of ordnance we’ve grown to admire and pointed to a temple, hiding itself behind heathen smoke. He told me that there where Cong dug in deep and that before they neutralised him, a sniper on top of one of them Pagodas took out four of his men. He continued to fire even as the thing went up in smoke courtesy of a few licks of the Zippo. I lost sight of him behind the plumes but I know he burned happy.

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